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Billion SG2097

  • Smart Energy PLC Adapter
Billion SG2097 deploys powerline technology that utilizes in-home power line loops for network communications, providing 200Mbps peak PHY rate, effectively supports HDTV applications. Billion SG2097 also features power metering and remote switch functions to enable home users to manage efficiently and effectively in-home power consumption.
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Power Measurement Capability
Billion SG2097 provides comprehensive measurement functions including Active Power (W), Total Accumulated Electricity Consumption (kWh), Interval Electricity Consumption (kWh), Voltage (V), Current (A), Apparent Power (VA), and Power Factor (PF). It allows users to collect energy usage statistic for trend analysis and usage profiling, and by shifting usage patterns will lead to savings. With the high measurement accuracy in the range of ±3%, it is capable of measuring even small power consumption up to 0.001kWh, efficiently prevent the power loss.
Remote switch control for appliances
With built-in Smart AC Power Switching Control, the Billion SG2097 features remote power on / off that enables you to control remotely your electrical home appliances by using a computer that is connected for the Internet access when you’re away from home. The Billion SG2097 provides users remote on/off control of appliances such as your washing machine. Even when you are on the way home, you can also remotely switch on the air conditioner to cool your entire house by handset or mobile phone via The Internet. 
Extra noise-free power socket
When there is a limited number of available wall outlets, appliances that also use power lines as a communications medium develop some operational noise. The Billion SG2097 features a built-in electrical power socket with a noise filtering function, which provides stable and clear communication with easy installation.
Smart power saving mechanism
With Smart Power Saving technology, the Billion SG2097 can automatically detect web server connection and fall into sleep mode when the server is disconnected. In sleep mode, the power saving mechanism will extend the standby interval session to reduce energy consumption and saves money. Even in standard mode, the power saving mechanism also enables shorter standby interval cycle that can significantly save power usage up to

Premium Transmission Quality and Performance
With Quality of Service (QoS) Control and video optimization, the Billion SG2097 will automatically optimize transmission quality and recognize the bandwidth needs of voice and video applications making your network a pleasure to use. Furthermore, the built-in Smart Route technology helps to maintain consistently the best transmission path and the best transmission quality. 
  • Enables high-speed data transfer rate up to 200Mbps via in-house electrical wiring
  • Includes one AC Pass-through power socket with noise-filtering function
  • Built-in power meter for reducing home appliance power usage
  • Smart power switch for remotely home appliances powers control
  • Smart Power Saving technology for improved power efficiency
  • Smart Route delivering the best transmission path
  • Smart Repeater for increased connection coverage
  • Utilizes Quality of Service control
  • Supports Triple Play applications
  • 1 x 10 / 100 Base-T Ethernet port

Type / Topology P2P
Application In-home
Modulation OFDM
Hardware Interface
Power source AC 100~240 +/- 10%
Housing Plastic
PLC signal connector Power plug
Interface RJ45 x1 Pass through Relay control Metering

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