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Billion SG100T

  • PIR Motion Sensor
Billion SG100T PIR Motion Sensor is a compact PIR sensor that can be easily installed in any indoor environment. Billion SG100T PIR Motion Sensor features an output high / low signal to trigger other connected devices. Billion SG100T PIR Motion Sensor can be configured 5 sec hold-time with Pet-Proof. Once SG100T detect human activities, the SG100T will trigger the SG200 (Billion Lighting Control Box), which will adjust the lighting to reach the user's pre-configured luminance level. When in the situation SG100T detect no human activities, the SG200 will automatically dim the interiors lights to the lowest luminance level and minimize power consumption.
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  • Features & Specifications
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Billion SG100T PIR sensor was a tiny and simple PIR sensor. It was easy to be installed. It can output a high / low signal to trigger the other device correctly and extremely. It also can setup 5 sec hold-time with Pet-Proof.

  • Simple and light weight design
  • Ultra slim; easy to install
  • Pet-proove design
  • Whole body made in Taiwan
  • 1 year warranty

  • Dimension 30mmx21mmx35mm
  • Input: DC 12-20V
  • Power consumption < 2mW
  • Max. loading current: 1A
  • Max. sensing angle 120°
  • Max. sensing range 5m
  • Hold-time 5 sec
  • Interval between triggers 8-10 sec
Network Protocols and Features
RF -
Transmitting Protocol -
Network Topology -
Measurement Acc -
Receiver Sensitivity -
Physical Interface
Antenna -
Weight -
Dimensions 30mm x 21mm x 35mm
Power Requirements
Power supply Input: DC 12-20V
Run Time -
Power Consumption < 2mW
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature -10°C – 50°C/ 14 – 122ºF
Operating Humidity 0% – 95% RH
Storage temperature -20°C – 60°C

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