Executive Profile
A leader in the global ICT industry, MiTAC International Corp. was founded in 1982. The company began operations in the Hsinchu Science Park (HCSP), Taiwan, and was the HCSP’s first system manufacturer. By 1990, MiTAC was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Shifting global industrial trends, the proliferation of smartphones and tablet products, the emergence big data and the growth of cloud computing have prompted MiTAC Group to devote its resources to transforming business, enhancing our core competence, planning for the key businesses to independently operate in specialization, and to seek a broader development outlook. 

MiTAC, a public-traded electronics company with expertise in providing facility integration with cloud computing, adapted Billion Smart Outdoor Street Light Control and Management System (LCMS) to improve lighting fixture repairing process and test energy efficiency. Consequently, Billion Smart Outdoor LCMS provided in-depth performance analysis to demonstrate the considerable amount of energy that was saved by replacing finite lamps with LED street lights and created a comprehensive street light monitoring platform.

Location: Taipei, Taiwan 
Date: 2015

MiTAC was a system integrator for a Taiwanese municipality’s project whose goal is to switch 200 LED street lights locating at four different sites into Smart Lighting among other 8500 street lights replacement in the Taipei City. MiTAC acquired LED light bulbs from Everlight, a leading supplier for LED lights and LED lighting components, and was ready to operate lighting fixture installation. However, MiTAC did not have a complete management system to track the performance of energy saving. It was hard for the company to testify that EverLight’s LED lights could minimize energy wastes and improve efficiency.
Our Solutions
Billion installed one SG7200 Intelligent Powerline Lighting Control Box under individual street light fixtures and deployed one Lighting Segment Controller at every site to measure power consumption. Billion connected four street sites and multiple power loops, delivering signal coverage up to 7km. Billion Smart Outdoor LCMS recorded on-hand energy consumption data according to different times, daylight periods and locations, etc. at four street sites; MiTAC compared the results with the ones that represented finite lamps to measure how much energy were saved. Besides featuring the analysis of power efficiency performance, Billion Smart Outdoor LCMS automatically sent system alarms notifying street light outages directly to MiTAC to speed up the maintenance process and supported remote power control on and off.

MiTAC successfully displayed an energy saving of 72% after the adoption and could use Billion Smart Outdoor LCMS to control all LED lights without any problems.

Smart Street Light Control System_05          Smart Street Light Control System_04      
“We were running four different street sites in a total of 200 LED street lights to manage. It was very impressive that Billion was able to provide a convenient tool to help us measure energy saving outcome and send an immediate notification when our facility has a problem.”

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