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Billion Smart Energy Management Solutions

The Most Advanced Energy Management System for Enterprises

With rising energy costs and growing concerns over corporate carbon footprint, businesses today face intense pressure to cut energy costs and minimize wastage of resources. The reductions of greenhouse gas and carbon emissions are emphasized in the statement of responsibility by multi-dollars corporations. Energy conservation and sustainable manufacturing production are the two important focuses of the nowaday business. Therefore, we provide governments, manufacturers, building and solar system owners an extensive array of facilities that monitor energy consumption to improve operational energy efficiency, and further prevent wastes and environmental pollutions.

Combined metering measurement with data transmission device, Billion 
SEMS(Smart Energy Management Solution) can process your energy consumption data into analytic profiles and integrated assessments, uncovering places for efficiency improvements to generate a greater energy saving ROI result. Ranging from manufacturing, transportation, electrical, air-conditioning, lighting, water to solar systems, Billion SEMS not only wants to assist you in reducing facility operational costs, but also to minimize carbon emission and energy wastes while protecting the environmental sustainability.

Energy Saving Solution

Insights into Machine Performance and Productivity Analysis

Track machine operational efficiency through visualizing all electrical activities and make them understandable - precious for your engineers, technicians and the management. By presenting each appliance’s electric consumption in a set of precise, time-sensitive data,  Billion SEMS™, the browser-based index provides a complete approach to discover problematic equipment and speed up the repairing rate, while reducing production line downtime and eliminating aging facilities to minimize energy wastes more efficiently. 

  • Compare current energy use against historical usage
  • A wide range of configurable interactive reports that users can easily adjust and tailor, to suit specific reporting needs  
  • Schedule reports to be emailed directly to users 

Smart Energy Solution

20% Energy Saving Results with Cost Down Utility 

Billion SEMS provides the right tool to calculate the ROI after switching to energy saving facilities for the owners of buildings, factories, retail stores, etc. By bringing all small/large electrical activities online, our energy management system serves as a reliable benchmark for us to adjust energy contracted demands and negotiate a cost efficient rate with utility companies. You can customize an energy saving roadmap tailored to your energy usages to avoid peak hours and compare the cost down results before and after the installation of your energy saving facilities.
  • Highlight variances or problem areas and monitor individual sites for operational efficiency
  • Interactive dashboard view of energy performance
  • Generate alerts when energy usage exceeds a pre-set threshold

Energy Management Solution

Change Energy Usage Behaviors - Change Everything

A single factor rarely causes a significant amount of energy consumption; it often involves a long and extensive period of incorrect energy usages mistakenly created by both humans and machine. By knowing where, when, and which facility that consumes the most energy, Billion SEMS can remotely monitor, control, and manage services without geographic, time, and manpower restrictions.  With this monitoring integration, Billion SEMS can assist you to significantly reduce system maintenance and patrol labor costs required to inspect different locations by creating a centralize energy management system. 
  • Compare energy data across multiple sites
  • View and compare aggregate usage across multiple sites

Energy Saving Product
Take Actions on System Abnormality Before It Happens

Automatic warning mechanism designed to speed up equipment maintenance and operational efficiency
  • Detect abnormal energy consumption directly leads to the official page for first-hand maintenance processing.
  • Instant SMS, email, APP warnings notify machine failures without delays
  • Keep track and record abnormal appliance status
  • Use the historical information to forecast and conduct analysis for future maintenance reference.

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