In Home Solution

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In-Home Plug-and-Play Solution 

End customers also can use a pair of Billion SG 2097SG 2095BiPAC 2094 R2and BiPAC 2093 R2 In-Home PLC Adapter as a bridge and transfer the broadband signals from living rooms to bedrooms over the existing power line. These home plugs allow users to share multimedia applications such as online games, IPTV and audio streaming with family all around the house with data transmission rate of up to 200Mbps. Their unique Smart Power Saving technologies can automatically detect the link status of connected devices and adjusts power consumption to enhance power efficiency, thus saving money on electricity bills. Smart Route technology ensures access point always through the best transmission path. Smart Repeater technology improves the connection status as the best performance.

We provide a comprehensive Marvell in-home selection of simple plug and play powerline technologies that utilize in-home power line loops to provide network communications. No need to drill holes into walls or any extra Ethernet cable wiring service. 

Remote Switching Power Control 
With built-in Smart AC Power Switching Control, the Billion SG2097 & SG2095 feature remote power on/off that enables you to control remotely electrical home appliances by using a computer that is connected to the Internet access when you’re away from home. Billion SG2097 & SG2095 provide users remote on/off control of appliances such as washing machine, air-conditioner, and refrigerator. Even when you are on the way home, you can also remotely switch on air conditioner to cool your entire house on a handset or mobile phone via the Internet.