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Smart Indoor LED Lighting Control Solution

Smart control is to become the future of LED lighting. Nowadays, customers cannot be satisfied with only the change of LED lights; they want to look for the easiest approach to reducing utility assets without switching their lighting usage behaviors. Therefore, we provide our LED lighting vendors a total indoor lighting control solution - InLight™ Lighting System, emphasizing on energy saving, light performance analysis, and automatic control & dimming based on environmental variables. We successfully leverage the powerful IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and integrate an extensive variety of sensors with our lighting control box to achieve an extraordinary lighting automation experience. 

Collaborating the front end environmental sensors, lighting control box, smart energy meter, smart gateway, and control APP, InLight™ is a scalable, extensive lighting control solution that can cater to all indoor lighting scenarios, including home, offices, hotel rooms, stadiums, and public places. Leveraging the integration of timer schedule, daylight luminance dimming control, sensory detection, mode lighting setting, and security systems, InLight™ indoor lighting control system presents the most comprehensive, automated lighting experience at a finger tip away. Supporting the standard ZigBee HA protocols and wired DI/DO communication, InLight™ indoor lighting control system eases the installation and can work with standard 1-10V dimming output to offer a flawless integration with different types LED drivers.

  • Money saving lighting control
  • Flexible environment sensor integration
  • Lighting performance and power consumption analysis
  • Automatic system setup and diagnostics

One lighting control box can manage up to 800W of LED lights with four individual channels, saving up the extra device purchase cost, installation time, and energy consumption. Utilizing the hybrid wireless and wired communication solutions, we enable remote mobile APP control and an ultra convenient system installation with zero rewiring required

When the network is not available, the Billion lighting controller (SG200) can directly interact with each other and with any environmental sensors through offline operation by following the operational setting before the network outages. Users can self-define the expected luminance value (LUX Level) via software, Billion lighting controller (SG200) automatically raise the brightness to reach the specified lumens (LUX Level) at night. In the event where sufficient luminance is detected, lighting control controller (SG200) can effectively dim the light and allow sunlight to compensate the indoor lighting to reach the defined LUX Level. By this way, we significantly reduce and achieve success energy saving with visible results.

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Automatic Switching to Different User Mode
We provide the next generation lighting experience which requires no manual control. Interior PIR sensors automatically calculate the occupancy number and switch the lighting operations to four different scenarios modes: Busy, Sensors, Silent, and Security. Users can set the number of triggers within a specific time as Busy Mode or Sensor Mode. The system will switch to Silent Mode when there is no trigger for a specific duration of time. Silent mode can automatically go into Security Mode to alert administrators when there is an expected entry. Billion InLight™ Lighting System presents a pre-setting schedule to cope with the operation of the program in line with the best environmental control to save electricity and unnecessary power wastages.

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  • Security management
  • Scheduling
  • Real lighting automation with or without network
  • Auto system setup and diagnosis 

The Best Control is No Control
On the Billion Smart Indoor Lighting (InLight™) APP, users can review the real-time energy consumption data of each lighting bulb, access to temperature and humidity reports, schedule an ideal dimming program, and remotely control lighting on and off.

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  • Create a new group in seconds with a single touch
  • Notify and pinpoint the locations of lighting outages
  • Easy grouping manages many lights instantly
  • Local (system independent) or remote control
  • Utilize the luminaire sensor embedded in your Smartphone through software control
  • Automatically reach the assigned lux level 
  • Provide the accurate lux to the user to enhance lighting experience            

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